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Blake Wright

Toys That Time Forgot


5:00pm   // Toys That Time Forgot: A Behind the Scenes Look


A journalist with over two decades of experience covering the global energy business. An avid toy collector, he spent three years in the early 2000s helping his wife Holly run a small online toy store called LittlePlasticMen. In 2014, he resurrected the name for a quarterly online toy magazine, which directly led to the TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT project. He was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but currently lives with his wife in a 25-foot Airstream travel trailer, which has allowed the pair to travel across the US (from Pawtucket to El Segundo and back) over the past two and a half years.  

TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT is a first of its kind look at “lost” toy projects — those that were pursued, but ultimately cancelled prior to hitting retail. Focusing on the boys action figure market from the late 1970s to more recent times, the book showcases production processes, existing prototypes, control drawings, concept sketches and more related to licensed properties like Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and early 80s sci-fi fantasy Krull to the Bill Murray-led Osmosis Jones and Johnny Depp’s turn as Sweeney Todd. The book also includes inventor-based projects like Hasbro’s Tribes and Birnkrant/KISCOM’s Invasion Earth, among others. All of the stories (and supplemental materials) have come straight from the men and women that lived them — from inventors and sculptors to project managers and toy company executives. While the punchline for many of these stories is the same, the journey to the end-game for each is unique, and ranged from the heartfelt and laugh out loud funny to the down right weird. Their tales have a separate, unique set of circumstances with a single, common thread — the majority of them have gone untold… until now.